he name Alitanes derives from the small gardens which were in front of the traditional houses of Ano Meria called «themonies». The name derives from the ancient name «themoniazo» which means “gather” and were the single traditional homes in Ano Meria of Folegandros island which included the main house, the cistern, the threshing room, the oven, the cellar as well as the small gardens (alitanes),a small orchard with the lemon tree etc.

The complex includes 3 ground floor traditional villas with private surroundings each, 19th century building adjacent to two well preserved windmills and the chapel of Stavros.

The architecture is harmoniously related to the local style of Ano Meria as local stones have been used for the construction of stone-build of the villas and the enclosing. Opposite the complex there are two mini markets and within walking distance the Folklore Museum and three tavernas.

Ano Meria is probably the only authentic agro-settling in Cyclades – natura region – which conserves unchanged its style throughout the centuries. The farming chores are still been done in the traditional way and the donkeys pass the streets of the village on a daily basis. Also, the area is offered for exciting hiking leading to beautiful beaches and small churches.

Unique traditional environment, in a unique island